Tina Schweiger

Tina Schweiger is an artist and entrepreneur living in Austin, Texas.

Tina Schweiger has the perfect, fine-tuned blend of business brain and creative brain. An artist at heart, Tina learned to marry her need for expression with her need to make a living. A Cum Laude graduate from the University of Texas with a BFA in Graphic Design, Tina has spent her career honing her skills as a brand strategist and creative director. Much of Tina’s career has been spent as an entrepreneur, originally launching her Yellowfin marketing agency in 2002. With Yellowfin, Tina has led branding and marketing projects for a wide portfolio of businesses from start-ups to publicly traded companies. In 2014, Yellowfin was acquired by Ascend Marketing. She works directly with business owners and C-level executives on Brand Strategies and Digital Experience Design as the Principal in charge of the Austin location for Ascend Marketing.

Artist Statement

My current awareness in life is observing the tension created by conceptual polar opposites and the path we follow as we move from pole to pole along the continuum between them. Craving stability, we build elaborate social structures only to tear them down when they become too confining. The need for emotional safety causes us to complicate life only to find ourselves wondering what happened to our peaceful simplicity.

My art attempts to be the visual manifestation of this tension. Making art is an outlet for processing the impact of my life's journey through tension on my physical, emotional, and spiritual self. Saturated complimentary colors create tension in the eye. Neutrals give room for rest. Hasty arbitrary movements embody expression. Methodical patterning exudes control. The sky represents freedom while a container creates... Safety? Or is it confinement?