A theory of Joy for Mother's Day

I’m sitting here on a quiet and peaceful Mother’s Day morning, having reflections on life. I’m actually having time to have reflections on life because my husband and son are out getting my car washed and my baby is sleeping. So it is awesome.

One thing that I thought would be fun just to take an innovation methodology that I’m familiar with and apply it to life. It’s one of my favorites, it’s the one that takes any problem or situation and simply reframes it with the phrase “How might we?”

“How might we?” Is a really big question. And the secret to getting “How might we?” to work is to make the answer to that question as big as we possibly can. If we articulate our answer in a way that removes barriers and limitations then we increase our chances of a really innovative idea.

So let’s take that and apply it to life. As I sit here I think “how might I have more joy in my life?” And then I notice a restriction in that question… The word more is actually limiting. More is relative. What if I have a tiny amount of joy right now, and then when I get a little bit more I just have a small amount. We can do better than that.

So I rephrase the question. “How might I have the most joy in my life?” And while that does sound a little better, I’m wondering if it could be even more expansive. What is the most? That seems to be a matter of opinion. I’m thinking we can get this one a little bit better.

“How might I have so much joy in life that it transforms me as a human being to operate at a higher level? “ Now we’re getting somewhere. That one I really like. We’re taking the idea of joy and looking at what possibilities might there be for an impact of the joy.

I think on that one for a moment. How might I have so much joy in life that it transforms me as a human being? What is operating at a higher level look like? These are really fun questions to sit around and ideate on.

Before I get to thinking up some fun and juicy ideas, the baby cries. Off to my little bundle of joy, and I think I actually find one of my answers.

Happy Mother’s Day.