Strategic Framework for Integrated Marketing — Download Template

This template in Canva will help you explain, in 10 slides, your Integrated Marketing Campaign to your executive team.

Strategic Framework for Integrated Marketing Canva.png

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Because you don’t have time for decks!
Integrated marketing is complex! For it to work well, sometimes it feels like the stars have to align. The company’s product or service needs to be desirable. The messaging needs to be tight, and created from insights and perceptions learned directly from the words of the target audience. An inspiring, moving, and well-designed creative concept can be one of the most difficult things to achieve with so many opinions in the room. Then, the creative and messages need to be tailored and adjusted for each different target audience based on a seemingly infinite variety of factors.

OMG the Digital Rabbit Hole
Back in the day, that was good enough for a traditional media or PR campaign. Now, it’s not. Once all of this is in place, it’s time to get cozy with the technology needed to actually put the campaign in motion. Gotta have a robust, engaging website filled with actionable and trackable content. And that content needs to be tagged, pixeled, tracked and identified in order to get any use out of it. What platform? WordpressDrupalSquarepace? That question alone can initiate months of discovery. And even then, you’re not even close to ready. Once you have that, what marketing technology do you use? Something simple like Mailchimp or Unbounce? Something bigger like Hubspot or Marketo? Between the thousands of options for marketing platforms, and the dozens of daily solicitations from your LinkedIn profile from their respective sales reps, it can be overwhelming.

Did someone say ROI?
Let’s say you’ve got the website, tagged content, marketing platform and teams and teams of people all aligned with the brand message, who might care about it, why they care, and even a smokin’ creative campaign concept. Nope, not there yet. It’s time to talk ROI. In order to get there, you need to figure out what your company thinks success is, and sometimes that task alone can hang you up for months. Then, you need to figure out which set of actions that your prospects and customers need to take to in order to bring that return your company is seeking on it’s investments. What shows propensity to buy? What constitutes an action? How do you follow who’s doing what and which messages and creative are working? That requires a smart plan for metrics and reporting.

Tired yet?
Then, don’t forget, you’ll need to be able to switch on the fly, change it up, test messages, see what works, and orchestrate the people and tasks needed to make that happen, post haste. Tick Tock. LOL it’s exhausting.

That’s why I love templates, and why I’m sharing this one with you. You don’t have time for decks! Because, before you get to any of the things I mentioned above, you need to get the executive team to see the whole picture and agree to fund it! That’s where this comes in… I took short definition of integrated digital marketing I found from Northwestern University’s Medill’s Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications and unpacked it. Each phrase in this dense definition is pulled out, and I’ve overlayed it with talking point boxes that you can use to tie it to your specific business and objectives.

Please, comment and share. I’m sure there are tons of ways to make it better! Please let me know what you think, and if you use it, how it worked. Thanks!